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games don't influence violence games influence violence
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Do video games influence violence


People tend to blame violent games for when people do violent things like school shootings, murders, stabbings,school bullying, and just bad things. Its one of the the first things they question if they played video games which a great majority of the earth does and they also question the mental state of the person. On video games there is an ESRB content rating the lowest is EC (early childhood) to the highest which is A (adults only). Its not really the game its the person who plays the game and what their mental state is someone with a normal state of mind knows that something that happens in a game isn't real and shouldn't be done but possibly someone who isn't in a "normal" state of mind may not know the difference between whats bad and whats good. Its kinda of the same with younger children they don't really know if its good or bad they just see it and play it in a game and realize that it is fun to do all these things. But it can also be the parents fault to for buying them the game in order to purchase any game rated above M (mature) you need someone above the age of 17 to purchase that game and it is clearly not appropriate if you are purchases the game for your younger sibling or children. So whos fault is it, is it the parents, is it the game, or is just the mental state of the accused person. So their are many many many factors that could be brought up in saying oh that its a violent game therefore its the games fault. Their isnt really a specific way to test this.

games don't influence violence

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games influence violence

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No games don't influence violence. It's the persons choice no matter what the play in their free time

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I don't think video games influence violence because there are tons of other reason why someone could be violent. Like they could get it from tv or from watching people or family be violent.They could be getting it from school or maybe even books.Maybe they just have thoughts of violent things and they never even seen something super violent before.If you don't want your kid to play violent video games then don't let them its your choice.i can see where some people are coming from thinking violent video games influence violence because ive seen some bad games but i dont think its going to effect people that much.

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but video games are all around on phones, tablets, concoles, computers and what parents usually do is give their kid a device of some sort to play on and they are playing these games which then is in their brains.

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They do influence violence. They have games for certain ages because kids at ages can't handle the game because they see things in the game and they interact with the game which causes them to then get into their heads and they apply what they do in the game in life or in their personality.

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it is very hard to say if they actually do influence violence because violent video games have only been around for a few years, so people haven't had that much exposure to them so it is really hard to see if they actually violent or not. but in the near future we might see an increase in violence in our generation who does play violent video games often because those people have had a lot of time with the game and anger they might just want to go crazy and possibly kill someone or severly hurt them. So at this moment there is no definite way to tell if games do bring up anger in someone but i still feel that it is true that they do.

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this is true. it could also be due to the life situation people are in and what they are taught as kids by their parents

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