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Do video games make you violent?

People think games make people violent but do they really? in my opinion I think they don't, yeah the game may be violent but it doesn't mean it will not make the person.i played spryo as a kid do I look like a dragon?  So no, games don't define how a person chooses to act, that is their choice and not because a game was violent.

No they do not

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Yes they do

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Yeah the games are violent, but its just a game. The person chose to be violent the game can't deside that for them

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no they don't because people make people violent not video games

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Games do not make you violent its not the game its the person. They could of been violent before they played the game but yet they would still blame it on the game. Games are not real and people know better

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NoahP15(30) Disputed
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games are called "role playing" games which means you are in that life situation or you have that chance to do that roll. so games are real.

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video games can make you violent by the actions you are performing when playing these games. so if parents use their brains and control and keep an eye on what kids play there shouldn't be any problems

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