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Should Prisoners Vote

I think that prisoners should vote because even though they are criminals they are still humans and the still have the freedom to vote.


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I think anyone should be able to vote even if they were in prison

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they are citizens of the united states (hopefully) just because they are there doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to vote.

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Why does it matter if they're in prison or not they were able to vote before they were so why should they get that right taken away they are human and they should get that right to vote

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I think everybody should have the right to vote. It should not matter what choices he/she made in the past.

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there is no evidence here to show they are worthy except an opinion

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NoahP15(30) Disputed
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it does not matter. they are human they should have the right. just because they may have made a mistake or choice doesn't mean they aren't apart of the great country in which we live.

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