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bring back unhealthy food? keep healthy food in school?
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School Lunches

They recently passsed a health food bill for schools that takes away most junk foods that are fatning and sugary to create a healthy enviroment for schools and to start ending childhood obesity.

Examples: take salt of french fries, take away frosted sugar cookies, whole wheat bread & biscuits, whole grain pop tarts.

This is something that can either be good or bad, most kids don't eat lunch and go through the day hungary which causes the student to struggle with learning, and you don't have energy to go through the day especially for athletes who have practice right after school. 

bring back unhealthy food?

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keep healthy food in school?

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I think that they should bring it back its not really their decision over how healthy kids or teens are. Sure they wanna make people healthier but to take away all the unhealthy food. Some is ok but it seems a little bit much to take it all away

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I agree. Lunch is the 2nd meal in your day but it is what helps you get through the rest of your day besides breakfast which is the most important. They should focus on getting students breakfast before taking away their lunch

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Schools should back unhealthy foods because it gives kids a boost during the day

Side: bring back unhealthy food?
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Students have the options to eat healthy. As a human they make choices everyday, whether they want to eat healthy or not is up to them, so childhood obesity isn't anyone's fault but the person making the choice to eat the food.

Side: bring back unhealthy food?
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