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RSS NoahP15

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

That literally makes no sense what's so ever. Andre why can't you write something that is really worth debating against.

1 point

yes its fine the way it is now. plus at okemos we have PLC days and we have flex so thats nice.

1 point

i dont even know what to argue cause i feel like he hasnt really done anything for the country besides go on vacation and live in the white house.

1 point

yes i have 4 cats and they are all different but they arent annoying and bothersome like dogs.

1 point

games are called "role playing" games which means you are in that life situation or you have that chance to do that roll. so games are real.

1 point

like rudy, he worked hard day in and day out and he got to the university of notre dame. so if you work hard and want it then you will get where you want to be and b given what you deserve.

1 point

your arguments are just stupid andre. do it right so we can actually have fun with this and be able to do it again.

1 point

andre stop cheating and putting the periods so you can get more points. actually do this right.

1 point

no, woman don't develop as much as men and they aren't as tall or as big and muscular as men and wouldn't be able to keep up with them.

1 point

they are living the high life but they also worked really hard to get there and they will earn the spot they are given.

Winning Position: bring back unhealthy food?

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