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1 point

That is not true plenty of young people enjoy golf as a sport. So your argument pretty much is, is that just because old people like it and watch it that its not a sport which is irrational. Tons of old people love hockey and baseball and football. Swimming is also a sport too.

1 point

Games do not make you violent its not the game its the person. They could of been violent before they played the game but yet they would still blame it on the game. Games are not real and people know better

0 points

I think dogs are better they are perfect for everything, hunting, playing, relaxing, they're helpful they are just better

0 points

Golf is a sport its not only used for fundraisers people make a living off of it. And not only old people watch and play there are just as many younger people that watch it and play it. So saying that only old people watch it and just play it to get out is wrong. They have major tournaments and championships for golf. It has been getting more and more popular over time.

1 point

Why does it matter if they're in prison or not they were able to vote before they were so why should they get that right taken away they are human and they should get that right to vote

2 points

I think that they should bring it back its not really their decision over how healthy kids or teens are. Sure they wanna make people healthier but to take away all the unhealthy food. Some is ok but it seems a little bit much to take it all away

2 points

school shouldn't start at 9 i think this because of the fact that it would change the whole schedule of how your day already works and most people would also see it as oh i don't have to be at school as early anymore so they are just going to stay up even later than they already were. Why would you want to mess with something that is working perfectly fine. I don't think it is the best idea in the world to change something that has been working fine for years

Winning Position: games influence violence

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