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2 points

it is very hard to say if they actually do influence violence because violent video games have only been around for a few years, so people haven't had that much exposure to them so it is really hard to see if they actually violent or not. but in the near future we might see an increase in violence in our generation who does play violent video games often because those people have had a lot of time with the game and anger they might just want to go crazy and possibly kill someone or severly hurt them. So at this moment there is no definite way to tell if games do bring up anger in someone but i still feel that it is true that they do.

0 points

that is true it is boring to watch but who says you have to watch it to qualify it as a sport

2 points

i disagree with my own comment soccer is boring to watch and not fun to play at all so i wish i could remove my comment but i cant so football is beter i guess

0 points

thank you, you are the first person who has actual taken the time to read this coment. it is very true golf just isnt for old people there are tons of other younger people who enjoy the sport.

1 point

i agree because it is true soccer is easier to play, more people play it...

0 points

my argument clearly states it is more of a sport than some others

1 point

there is no evidence here to show they are worthy except an opinion

1 point

I agree with matthew because in reality if school started any earlier than it does now, kids will be staying up later since school won't start for an hour later than what they are used to, then we will get people who complain that school still starts to early for them because they were up to late and it will completely ruin the whole system and it will just go back to school starting at 7:45 which i think most people are ok with.

Winning Position: No it is not a sport

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